jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Hi Dutch people! Welcome back. I would like you to share your experiences with us by publishing a short text in vikiteacherblog. Image you just brought four pictures of your trip:
1. One place you visited.
2. What you ate and drank.
3.What yoy brought as gifts for your family.
4.The best moment.
Describe what we would see in those pictures.

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  1. hi teacher!I haven't gone to holland, but last year I went to ireland, so I'll talk about my experience.
    -We visited the Blarney castle,and the Cobh museum,I liked more the castle,cause it was in a hugh garden, and it was very nice.
    -The food were a little awful, what I liked the best were the sandwhiches my penpal,well, my penpal's mother did me, the juices,may be, were the best thing.
    -What I brought to my family and friends were the typical souvenirs that everybody bought. XD
    -Well, I think that I spent a good time, it is another experience,although my partner didn't spent any time with me, but I had her little sister,with ,who I made a puzzle :). a nice gril her sister... so as I was saying,I think I can't tell any special moment,I had the same feeling during all the exchange, the best thing: I could forget about the hour to arrive at home.May be,when I swam in the sea with sara and alba, the water was very cold,^^, so,then,if Imust chose a moment it will be that