lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Let's learn about Charles Dickens

"Everybody is aware of the faults of Dickens- his inability to construct a convincing plot, his clumsy and sometimes ungrammatical prose, his sentimentality, his lack of real characters in the Shakespearian sense- but he is read still, while more finished artists are neglected. The secret of his popularity lies in an immense vitality, comparable to Shakespeare's, which (...) creates a special Dickensian world which, if it does not resemble the real world, at least has its own logic and laws and its own special atmosphere.(...)The world created by Dickens is mainly a kind of nightmare London of chop-houses, prisons, lawywers' offices and taverns, dark, foggy,and cold, but very much alive.(...) he is concerned with the problems of crime and povery, but he does not seem to believe that matters can be improved by legislation or reforma movements-everything depends on the individual.(...)If he has a doctrine, it is one of love"
Anthony Burgess: English Literature,Longman,1989.
This review of A. Burgess helped me understand Dicken's work when I was a student because I found it quite hard to read endless novels about people suffering.As he stated Dickens is read by eveybody and everywhere because he created a world that may help us evade from our reality or perhaps it isn't differnt from our own world: I am sure you feel a sense of injustice like in most Dicken's novels.
I would like you to share with us what you know about Dickens, your feelings about his novels or tales and whether you agree or not with A. Burgess.

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010


WE all know about Halloween ,pumpkins, witches, trick or treat and all that stuff, but do you know ihe origin of this festival?. This is your first task for this blog. Do not copy or publish links bu use your own words fter doing some research.

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

hi teacher!we get it!!!!!

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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for the position of volunteer worker which i saw advertised in The Times yesterday.According to the appeal you are looking for volunteers to help the Haiti´s earthquake disaster.Although I am not a proffesional I would like to volunteer.
I am a 25 year old postgraduate biology student, I have also completed my Bformacy course some days ago and a first aid course.
I am not very experienced but last year I have done voluntary work in earthquake disaster releif in pakistan.
Also the reason because I would like to work for you is I want to save those people from suffering as a biology student I have some experience with natural medicines and I could certainly teach them basics of the first aid as well.
I don´t know that I have any specialised skills that you need but, I am a hardworker and committed person and as I have done some voluntary work before also I feel confident that I will be able to help them
To sum up I would be very happy if I would be of some use I enclose a copy of my C.V. and can provide further references if these are needed.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Muhammad Areeb Mahmood

viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

checking the account

at least I have it. Hi everybody! I'm manu the cane's man jajaja

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free ticket

Hi lads, this is Vicky.
Thank you for joining (Areeb, Saúl, Ernesto, perhaps I've forgotten someone).We've talking about travelling so I'd like you to answer briefly this question:
"If you had a free return ticket to go anywhere, where ... you go?. Why?"

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