viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

checking the account

at least I have it. Hi everybody! I'm manu the cane's man jajaja

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

free ticket

Hi lads, this is Vicky.
Thank you for joining (Areeb, Saúl, Ernesto, perhaps I've forgotten someone).We've talking about travelling so I'd like you to answer briefly this question:
"If you had a free return ticket to go anywhere, where ... you go?. Why?"

Amacing People

martes, 27 de abril de 2010


Hi, If you ara watching this please don't get confused It's only a prove:
Hi it´s me areeb at last i´ve joined the viki teacherblog.
but i still don´t understand what´s the use of it?
well i syggest that music some should make the blog better like linkin park as i really like them and well i´ll be waiting for others to join the vikiteacher blog till then see you

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010


im just prove this

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Hi Dutch people! Welcome back. I would like you to share your experiences with us by publishing a short text in vikiteacherblog. Image you just brought four pictures of your trip:
1. One place you visited.
2. What you ate and drank.
3.What yoy brought as gifts for your family.
4.The best moment.
Describe what we would see in those pictures.

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Recommendation of interesting books

I encourage you to recommend a book that , in your opinion, everybody should read or that has influenced you strongly at any stage of your life. For me a book that will be always on my mind is "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Heminway. It was the first unabridged book I read in English. I was 16.

martes, 13 de abril de 2010


Hi teacher!!at last I could do it!! XD, the problem is that I had to create a gmail address, so if you have a hotmail one, you cannot access to the blog, my suggestion is about music, you could put a video about the soundtrack of the movie : "Moulin Rouge", there is a song of Sting, "Roxanne", it is adapted as a tango, and, in my opinion,it is better than the original version. See you! :)

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Hi I´m Erik

i´m just writin to prove if this works